Citizenship education at Blackfen School for Girls

Hi my name is Lola Blatch and I am the Citizenship faculty lead at Blackfen School for Girls.  I also head PPE (Politics, Philosophy & Enterprise) and A level Government & Politics. I trained and worked under Pete Pattisson and hope to continue to teach and create resources true to his methodology and approach.  Namely, creating authentic learning experiences which offer pupils’ choice and the chance to make an impact on  the community.  My team and I will be posting a new ideas taken from our GCSE Citizenship groups and our KS3 lessons every few weeks.

We would love to hear from any teachers out there who have great ideas or  would like help on creating active learning experiences.   All the best.

Lola Blatch


7 Responses to Citizenship education at Blackfen School for Girls

  1. Rajagopal says:

    Hi Lola, How are you? This is Rajagopal. I would like to inform you that your camera numbered 11 is safe with me. Let us work out so as to reach this to your safely.

  2. Hi Lola, I found you on the TES Citizenship forum and sent you a message but I would like to know if you will look at the Magna Carta as part of the historical background to human rights issues today, its legacy and timeline. I am researching whether schools and colleges are going to incorporate the MC and its legacy into learning as the 800th celebrations are next year and if so, how they intend to do this. Many thanks, Sally

  3. Sharan says:

    Hello Lola – I have been put in charge of Citizenship for next year but I am only given 1 drop down day, per year group, per term. So years 7,8,9,and 10 will potentially have a total of 15 hours each a year of citizenship and pshe education. Is there any help you can offer that will make these opportunites interesting? I am looking into organisations that come in and deliver sessions on a whole day or half day basis. I would like to combine this with other subjects doing specific ‘citizenship’ lessons such as in History or Geography – do you have any such cross curricula lesson plans and/or resources? thankyou
    Sharan – Belle Vue Girls School, Bradford, west Yorkshire –

  4. Diana Dryland says:

    Hello Lola, I also attended the SMSC meeting. I would be very interested for Bursted Wood Primary to hear more about the ideas for, particularly Yr5/6 pupils on the government/democracy side of citizenship. We are trying to put our heads together on this ‘British values’ idea that we are to promote. As a historian, the concept seems intensely fraught and can be frighteningly overtaken by those wishing to manipulate others. I will certainly look at the sites you mention and see how we can use it for our school. Thanks

    Diana Dryland, Head Teacher, Bursted Wood Primary School

  5. Roschelle Shakes says:

    Hi Lola, My name is Roschelle Shakes and I am Lead of Citizenship and PSHE at my school, there is new changes going on with my delivery of the course and we have now been given the full course, I would love if we could meet up and discuss the delivery of PPE at Blackfen, if I could come in and look (because i have seen what you have delivered and think it is outstanding practice) and would love to hear your views and ideas

  6. jenny says:

    hi my name s jenny and i love to hear more of your ideas

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